We show you how to do Hollywood Waves using the new CLOUD NINE Evergreen Collection Curling Wand.

Follow our Hollywood Waves Tutorial for the ultimate party glam look this season.



Step 1 – Spray the CLOUD NINE Magical Potion throughout the hair

Step 2 – Using your CLOUD NINE Boar Bristle Paddle Brush, brush the product through your hair to evenly distribute

Step 3 – Using your CLOUD NINE Croc Clips take a small section of hair and section the rest of your hair out of the way

Step 4 – Set your Evergreen CLOUD NINE Curling Wand at a temperature to suit your hair type then wrap each section of hair around the barrel of the wand. Let the curl drop into the palm of your hand to set the curl

Step 5 – Roll your curl around your fingers until you reach your scalp and secure with a grip and continue this throughout

Step 6 – Remove your pin curls and dress them out using your CLOUD NINE Texture Comb

Step 7 – Pull your hair back behind your ear on a side of ones choosing and secure with an accessory of ones choosing


Top Tip – leave your hair to set in your pin curls for up to 1 x hour. The longer you leave your hair to cool the longer the style will last



If you've ever asked 'What is the best curler for Hollywood Waves?' look no further! The CLOUD NINE Curling Wand from our Evergreen Collection is here for all of your glam needs this season - thank us later.

Spritz some magic this season with The CLOUD NINE Magical Potion to protect hair from heat, tame frizz and flyaways and keep hair looking glam and gorgeous ready for the party season.

Kinder to hair and kinder to scalp The CLOUD NINE Boar Bristle Brush is here for all of your glam needs this season.

Keep hair in place and style hair with ease with CLOUD NINE Croc Clips.  

Create volume, style and looks with the CLOUD NINE Texture Comb (included in the Evergreen Collection!)

For more exclusive CLOUD NINE content, how to's and tutorials follow CLOUD NINE hairstyles and the CLOUD NINE YouTube channel.


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