How to create E-Girl hair

The look celebs are loving

Your guide to E-Girl hair

The '90s is the gift that keeps on giving. Dua Lipa blessed us with some seriously nostalgic 2020 Grammy hair pre-quarantine and it seems she's still managing to inspire celebs and fans alike to give the trend a try during the lockdown.

Hair trend alert

Kylie Jenner is the most recent celeb to rock the chunky highlight vibe. The idea is to frame the face with a couple of streaks of colour, substantially lighter than the rest of your hair.

We would of course NEVER endorse bleaching your locks at home.. but if you were to give it a go – this is the way forward. Even Queen B has been spotted with some golden,face-framing streaks recently.

If you're feeling even braver… why not make the highlights a bold colour? Pink seems to be the go-to currently however we've also spotted green and blue. Instead of committing to some serious changes, try SHRINES new wash out colour drops and mix into your conditioner to see whether you're ready to commit.

If you've been wanting to experiment with hair colour/cuts but haven't felt brave enough to attempt it, now is the time. It's not as though you'll be seeing anyone for a while anyway.


1. Section your hair. Use a tail comb to separate your hair into a middle parting and then decide how thick you want the highlight to be. Once you have chosen your 'strip', secure the rest of your hair away from your face use a hair tie or grips.

2. Take the Bleach London Tint brush and begin painting the strips carefully, making sure to avoid any other hair. Make sure you cover the roots and the hairline last as the hair here is very fine and prone to more damage, it will also lift very quickly.

3. Once applied thoroughly, leave to develop for up to 45 minutes, checking the progress every 5.
Different hair types and colours will lift the colour at varying lengths of time. Darker hair will take longer to lift.

4. Once the hair has reached an even pale yellow from root to tip, rinse and then shampoo thoroughly.

5. Depending on what effect you are wanting to achieve, you can leave the hair like this or go on to colour the bleached hair. Your hair will now take colour. Alternatively, you could use a toner to adapt the finished tone of the strips.

6. Put your hair in some cute space buns, make a TikTok, and start living your best gen-z life.