How to create a faux bob

A step-by-step guide to a faux bob

CLOUD NINE ambassador Renya Xydis shows us a nifty way to create a gorgeous faux bob

A step-by-step guide to the faux bob

1. Section hair into three vertical sections, with the middle section of hair about 1cm wide. Clip away the two side sections.

2. Tightly braid the middle section and secure it with a thin elastic.

3. Neatly curl all remaining hair, pinning in vertical sections to set. Once set, brush through the curls using a Cloud Nine Pin Bristle Paddle brush.

4. Finish braiding the hair left out from the braid and pin it up to conceal. Attach Kela hair jewellery to the braid.

5. Neatly tuck all remaining hair up to create a faux bob and secure it with pins.