Christmas Party Hairstyles

Get ready to look and feel unstoppable

Whether you’re Christmas shopping, visiting the markets, taking in the lights, or heading to a party, we’ve got some unstoppable looks you can create this Festive season.

Want to know how to create the ultimate 90s Blowout? Perhaps Waterfall Waves are more your style? Always wanted to try a Retro Flicked Bob? We’ll show you how to achieve these stunning looks using CLOUD NINE tools.

90s Blowout with The New Airshot Pro

The iconic 90s Blowout is trending once again, and it’s never looked better than with The Airshot Pro.

Prepare to be blown away. The new and improved Airshot Pro is quieter. Lighter. And a whole lot mightier. Featuring Ionic Technology for frizz reduction, Temperature Control to work at the healthiest heat for you, and unique Self-Clean Mode.

Our latest hairdryer looks after itself. So you can focus on looking after your hair. Once activated, CleanFlow Technology blows air in the reverse direction to propel dust build-up out of the back. Cleaning the filter, without having to remove it.

Step 1. Apply some Magical Potion to freshly washed and towel-dried hair before bringing the heat.

Tip: You can wash-out or leave-in a little Magical Remedy to provide some extra conditioning during these cold months.

Step 2. Use the power button to turn on your Airshot Pro and roughly dry the majority of your hair. We know your hair is as unique as you are, so use the temperature and fan buttons to change the temperature and airflow speed. There are 3 temperatures settings plus the Cool Shot, and 3 speed settings.

Step 3. Attach your Airshot Nozzle for more precise drying, and section your hair into medium sections. Use a Round Brush or Velcro Rollers to roll up to the root and slowly pull the brush down the length of the hair, curling inward. Use your Airshot to dry in place.

Tip: Start at the back of your head, and work your way forwards, to the face-framing parts of the hair.

Step 4. Brush and fluff your hair until you’re happy with the result! Adding a lightweight serum or hairspray will help lock-in your style.

Step 5. Before heading out to show off your look, quickly press the temperature and fan buttons down for 3 seconds on your Airshot, activating the Self-Clean Mode. Ensure to complete this after every use to keep powerful blow-drying a breeze.

Waterfall Waves with The Midnight Collection Wide Iron

Looking for a glamours hairstyle for your Winter Party? Look no further than our Midnight Collection Wide Irons to create elegant Waterfall Waves.  

More iron. For more hair. The Wide Iron is designed with bigger plates. Making styling quicker and easier on hair that’s thicker and longer. Featuring Variable Temperature Control to work at the right heat for you. Mineral Infused Plates to lock in moisture. And Floating Plates that cushion, don’t clamp. We’ve fit more tech in. Now you can fit more hair in.

This Festive period, enjoy our classic Wide Irons in a new Blue colorway with Gold detailing. Your Midnight Collection Irons come with a Blue Velvet Style Case for you to store them in once cool.

Step 1. Start with dry, brushed hair. Feel free to pop in your extensions for this style, or rock your natural look. Spray in some Magical Potion for the best heat protection.  

Step 2. Section your hair into small sections. Slide your Midnight Collection Wide Irons on, and use the temperature arrow buttons to select the right temperature for you. Our Core Irons have 7 choices between 100-200 degrees, because no hair is the same.

Step 3. Run small sections of the hair through the irons, twisting the irons as the hair glides down. Cup each piece of curled hair in your hands, and let it gently drop down.

Step 4. Once all the hair has been curled, use the irons to roughly straighten the top third section of the hair from the root down.

Step 5. Leave the hair to cool for 5 minutes, then comb through with our Luxury Texture Comb to finish the look. Add a lightweight serum or hairspray to help lock-in your look.

Step 6. Store your irons in the Velvet Style Case once cool and head out to the Christmas markets.

Retro Flicked Bob with The Luxury Midnight Collection Original Iron

The flicked-out ends are making a comeback, and you can create your version this Christmas with our Midnight Collection Original Iron.

Featuring all the signature features of The Midnight Collection Wide Irons, our Original sized irons are ideal for everyday straightening on fine-medium hair.

For some added Christmas Magic, The Midnight Collection Irons come with a Velvet Style Case – making it the perfect gift or treat for yourself!


Step 1. Unbox your Midnight Collection Original Iron and use the Wet Brush to detangle your clean dry hair. Use the Comb to create a middle parting.  

Step 2. Spritz in some Magical Potion and slide the power button to turn on your irons. Choose from 7 temperature settings between 100-200 degrees, depending on your hair type.

Tip: Not sure what temperature to style at? Always style at lower temperatures where possible. Our irons will switch on at 150 degrees, so start here and use the temperature arrows to adjust the heat from there.

Step 3. Section your hair into medium sections, using Crocodile Clips to secure. Brush through each section of hair with the Comb, and run your irons through each piece of hair. When reaching the end of the hair, turn the irons upwards, creating an upwards flick.

Step 4. Repeat the previous step on your entire head of hair, working upwards and from back-to-front. Tuck the front pieces of hair behind the ears, and secure with a lightweight serum or hairspray.

Step 5. Once happy with your look, slide the power button down to turn off the irons and leave to cool before storing in your Velvet Style Case. All that’s left to do is go celebrate the season! After all, ‘tis the season to be jolly!

Whether it’s a 90s Blowout, Waterfall Waves, a Retro Flicked Bob or any other hairstyle of your choice – our Airshot Pro and Midnight Collection Irons will have you looking and feeling unstoppable this Festive season!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from CLOUD NINE x