How to do slicked-back waves

The party look that’s perfect for any occasion

CLOUD NINE ambassador Renya Xydis shows us how to create slicked back waves

A step-by-step guide to slicked back waves

1. Start with clean dry hair and section into two horizontal parts.

2. Set your preferred temperature by tapping The Touch plates together. Twist and pull The Touch Iron through small sections of hair, curling each section in the same direction.

3. Continue this technique around the head until all hair is curled.

4. Starting at the top of the head, sweep hair back away from the face and brush through the curls with the Cloud Nine Pin Bristle Paddle Brush. The individual curls will now form into continuous waves.

5. Comb the gel through the hair with a tail comb ensuring to tuck behind the ears. Set into place with the diffuser attachment of a hairdryer.

6. Unpin all curls. Start from the base of the hair and brush out with the Luxury Texture Comb.

The CLOUD NINE Touch Iron