How to use the Redefine beauty device

Prepare to be redefined

REDEFINE your beauty routine with this next-generation skincare device. Combining a unique shape designed to fit the contours of the face and body with advanced EMS Technology, heating, cooling, and light therapies, to provide a nourishing, detoxifying and anti-ageing treatment, all in one device.

Designed to be used on thoroughly cleansed skin and with your preferred serums and moisturisers, gently glide the device in an upwards and outwards motion starting from the center points of the face to achieve the best results. Whilst the Redefine is not to be used on the delicate eye area this can be used up to the orbital bone.

Whether you choose to use all 3 modes consecutively or just one singular mode is up to you and you should always be guided by your skins behavior as to how you treat it.

This is an exceptional power house of a beauty device that targets many skin concerns. With 3 mode settings, lets break down those modes.

Mode 1 - Red light, heat and vibration

  • Stimulates collagen and cell turn over
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • With heat temperatures up to 45C this mode opens the pores allowing your skincare to penetrate more efficiently
  • Use along side your favourite serums and moisturisers
  • Vibration mode helps to reduce puffiness whilst increasing muscle stimulation
  • Use this mode for 3-5 minutes for best results

Mode 2 - Blue light, cooling and vibration

  • Blue light kills acne causing bacteria and controls oil secretion
  • Blue light helps to prevent future breakouts
  • Cooling, 13 degrees lower than normal temperature and soothing to help lock in moisture
  • Use along side your favourite serums and moisturisers
  • Vibration helps to reduce puffiness whilst increasing muscle stimulation and defining facial contours
  • As blue light locks in all of the benefits of your skincare it can be the last step in your facial routine or if following with another mode let the skin rest for 10 minutes
  • This mode will automatically shut off after 3 mins

Mode 3 - Purple light and EMS

  • Purple light is a combination of red and blue light which penetrates deeply to increase cell regeneration and renewal whilst boosting skins health and vitality
  • Purple mode helps to eliminate acne causing bacteria and toxins in the skin cells
  • The Purple Light mode is the only setting that you can activate the EMS technology. Once you have applied conductive gel to the areas you are wishing to treat simply cover the metal conductive strip on the device with your hand (after removing all jewellery)
  • The EMS function (stands for Electro Muscle Stimulation) tightens and firms the muscles and is exceptional for areas that are losing volume and definition ie the jawline. Depending on the area you are treating and skins density will determine intensity of the feeling of EMS
  • Once again always remember to apply your skin preparation gel before using the EMS setting for best results
Female model holds the Redefine beauty device to jawline with Purple Light activated.

Each mode setting is designed to be used for 3-5 minutes and used as frequently as you would like to however we would recommend no more than 4 times per week

Remember to always follow with SPF and enjoy!