Repair services have to be ordered seperately to other products.


Repair services have to be ordered seperately to other products.


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Refresh your beauty routine. And your skin. With our Redefine Beauty Device. A uniquely shaped tool that can be used on the face or body to provide a toning, firming and collagen-stimulating treatment.



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Red, Blue And Purple Mode
3 modes. Your choice.
A super close-up of the Redefine with Blue Light Therapy mode activated.
Combat aging with red light therapy. Clear skin with blue light therapy. Or tighten and tone with EMS in purple mode. With 3 modes you can own your glow and combine each setting to create a skincare treatment as unique as you.
Male model holds Redefine against jaw line with Red Light Therapy turned on.
Unique For Scultping
Ancient technique. Modern technology.
Inspired by traditional Chinese practices. Improved by CLOUD NINE. The unique shape is used to massage skin from various angles to fit the contours of face and body. Proven to lift and firm for more defined features.
A cropped close-up of the Redefine on a diagonal with Red Light Therapy activated.
Electrical Muscle Stimulation
Light stimulation for tight skin.
A close-up of the Redefine upright with Purple Light Therapy activated to show the device's curvature.
Female model holds the Redefine beauty device to jawline with Purple Light activated.
Relive your youth. With rejuvenated skin. Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology uses micro-currents to lift, tone and tighten. For skin that’s altogether more youthful.

and so much more...

Red Light Therapy.
Red Light Therapy to brighten and increase collagen production.
Clearly clearer skin.
Cleanse Mode unclogs pores deep down.
Protective dustbag.
To protect your tool when not in use, helping to avoid dust, scratches and damage.
Pulsating Vibrations.
Vibration stimulates muscles and improve contouring.
Blue Light Therapy.
Blue Light Therapy to kill acne-causing bacteria.
Conductive Gel.
A skin-loving formula that reaches deeper into the skin's layers for more effective anti-ageing results.
A cropped image of the Redefine on a diagonal with Red Light Therapy activated.
A cropped image of the Redefine on a diagonal with Red Light Therapy activated.
A super close-up image of the top edge of the Redefine beauty device.

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" Feel as though I saw a difference in the texture of my face within the first use. "
Octavia Gale

Redefine Beauty Device

Luxury Dustbag

Conductive Gel

Ideal For: Sculpting face and body. Preventing wrinkles and fine lines.

Temp Settings: Cool Mode- 13°C lower than normal temp. Heat Mode - 40-45°C

Weight: 0.1637kg

Vibration Intensity: 1200 rpm

Red Light Frequency: 622nm ± 10nm

Blue Light Frequency: 465nm ± 10nm

Purple Light Frequency: 400nm-435nm

EMS Frequency: 30 Hz

How do I activate EMS?
To activate EMS in purple light mode, you must hold the metal conductive strip and use conductive gel to activate the EMS setting.

Is a tingling sensation normal in EMS mode?
Yes, this is normal and safe and means the treatment is working. The intensity felt of the EMS will depend on skin type, thickness and if products are being used.

How often should I use the Redefine?
For quick and visible results, use the Redefine 3-4 times per week.

What should I use my Redefine with?
Use a light hydrating serum, moisturiser or conductor gel, especially in EMS setting.

How do I clean my device?
To clean your device, use a cotton swab or soft dry cloth. Please do not use alkaline lotions, essential oils, nail varnish or other solvents to clean your device. Do not immerse the device in water.

How do I know my product is charged?
Charge using the USB cable provided. When your product is charging a red light will flash slowly. When fully charged the light will be solid blue.

How do I know the battery is getting low?
When the battery is very low or out of power, the red light will flash fast.

Can I use this to help with wounds/scarring?
Do not use this device on wounded or scarred skin.

What are the treatment settings?
1. Red light, Vibrate and heating

2. Blue light, Vibrate

3. EMS and purple light

Do I have to use all 3 treatment settings?
No. You can use treatment modes separately or consecutively.


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