At CLOUD NINE we’re dedicated to being fiercely kind to everyone, planet included. That’s why we launched the industry’s first and only iron recycling scheme. Our goal is to save 1.5 million straightening irons from landfill.


We’ll recycle all straightening irons, whatever the brand, regardless of where they were purchased.
Our iron recycling service is available to all residents aged 18 and over. As part of our long-term sustainability strategy, we will be extending this service internationally over the next few years, so watch this space! We do not offer this service to any firm, company or partnership. Please visit our Terms and Conditions for more information.
You can track your return during its journey to us with the Australia Post tracking service once you have created your recycling request with our Customer Care team. Once your return has arrived at our recycling centre, due to the volume of returns, we are unable to provide you with the recycling status on your individual item.
Once your straightening iron has been received at our recycling centre, they will either be reused, repurposed or recycled. If your old Iron has reached End of Life (EOL), our waste management partners will collect and recycle this product to save it from going to landfill. EOL irons: Your irons will be collected from our recycling hub at Cloud Nine HQ by our waste management partners. They are then taken back to their facility, where all items are manually depolluted. All parts that can be recycled are removed and separated before the items are shredded. The components are then broken down back into their raw materials and sent for smelting.