This Mother's Day

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Mother’s Day Gifts at CLOUD NINE

Whether you’re celebrating your mum, step-mum or another motherly figure this Mother’s Day – why not show her some CLOUD NINE love? Give the gift of salon-worthy blowouts, glamorous waves, or a smooth mane, at home with our range of hairdryers, curlers, and straighteners. 

Pro Hair Straighteners for Mother’s Day

You can do better than breakfast in bed or a bunch of flowers – treat the mum in your life to some red-carpet glamour with our CLOUD NINE irons. Our Premium Collection of straighteners feature Revive Mode, which uses Axial Vibration™ technology to take care of her hair and provide a sleek, shiny finish. Unstoppable mum. Unstoppable style. 

Cleanse. Clear. Care.

Get your hands on a complimentary Rejuvenate Beauty Device (worth $799) when you buy a premium straightener this Mother’s Day. This uniquely shaped tool with Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology uses micro-currents to lift, tone and tighten. Gift the full pampering experience – shop our premium straightener range to claim yours. 

Curlers for Mother’s Day

Give her the curls or waves of her dreams this Mother’s Day with a CLOUD NINE curling wand. Perfect for creating flawless styles for special occasions or touching up her hair before a busy day or night out, our wands are packed full of technology designed to care while styling. Enhance her natural glow with the power to style glossy waves or bouncy curls at her fingertips.

Hair dryers for Mother’s Day

Life as a busy mum can leave little time for trips to the salon, so why not bring the salon blow-dry to her this Mother’s Day? Infused with tourmaline and mineral elements, our CLOUD NINE hair dryers care for every hair on her head. Perfect for any mum or mum-to-be – she’ll be blown away.

Mother’s Day Gifting: Ideas and Inspiration

Take a sneak peek at her dressing table and ask yourself: 

Could her straighteners do with an upgrade? 

Does her hairdryer look like it’s seen better days? 

Can’t see any sign of a curling iron? 

Once you’ve narrowed down your options, check out our range of styling tools for more inspiration. It could be months or years since your mum bought something for herself, so why not treat her to a brand-new hair tool so she can create the perfect salon look at home. 

They say it’s the thought that counts, and no matter which product you choose from the CLOUD NINE range, you can guarantee a lot of thought has gone into its design. Packed with hair-care technology, our straighteners, curling wands, and hairdryers are unmatched in quality.

During pregnancy, most expectant mothers notice changes to their hair. For some, increased levels of oestrogen and androgen can lead to shinier, healthier-looking hair. For others, their hair can become thinner and more fragile. Some mums-to-be can even experience a change in their hair texture, resulting in curlier or straighter hair than she’s used to. 

Whatever the impact of pregnancy hormones, a CLOUD NINE premium straightener could help protect her hair and boost her confidence. Relish the chance to celebrate and care for her gorgeous locks by gifting her a CLOUD NINE premium straightener. Designed with ease in mind, our straighteners are lightweight and come with variable temperature control which will care for her hair during pregnancy and beyond.

If the mum in your life needs a hair styling tool that’s easy to use, lightweight, and packed full of hair care technology, look no further than the CLOUD NINE New Airshot Pro hair dryer. Specifically designed to be lighter, quieter, and mightier than its predecessor, it has a more powerful Eco-Precision motor, so she can dry her hair in less time. Wow her with its long-lasting performance and powerful results. The New Airshot Pro also has self-cleaning capabilities, with CleanFlow technology which blows air in the reverse direction to propel dust build-up out of the back – requiring zero maintenance.

A mum’s first Mother’s Day is a magical milestone. Whether she’s days, weeks, or months into motherhood, having a new baby is a rollercoaster of emotions, nappies, and sleepless nights. It’s likely that a new mum has less time for pampering than she did before welcoming a new little one into her life.

A CLOUD NINE curling iron is a lifesaver when you don’t have a lot of time to pamper yourself. Our curling irons are perfect for creating bouncy curls or soft waves in minutes. Perfect for a new mum settling into a new routine with a little one and still wanting great-looking locks in limited time.

Looking for a last-minute Mother’s Day gift? We’ve got you covered, with free express shipping available on all orders over $100. Alternatively, select Standard Delivery and your order will typically arrive within 2-5 business days.

As someone who puts other people’s needs before her own, it’s likely that your wife hasn’t treated herself for a while. So why not gift her a CLOUD NINE styling set for Mother’s Day? Available in a range of product duos, our styling sets include a hairdryer and straightener so she can create the perfect salon look at home.

Our straighteners take hair self-care to the next level, bringing expert hair care technology to your wife’s hair routine. The most versatile of our hair tool range, our straighteners can be used in a variety of different ways to create curls, waves or straight styles. Our Hairdryers are infused with tourmaline and vitamin elements to care for your hair whilst styling. The best part is, while your wife is enjoying her new styling set, you and the kids can plan some more Mother’s Day surprises.

Becoming a grandparent is an exciting life moment. No doubt this soon-to-be grandma wants to look stylish and glamorous in the family photo albums. Transform grandma into glam-ma with a pair of our CLOUD NINE premium straighteners.

There is nothing worse than walking around with wet hair in winter, so why not gift the mum in your life a hairdryer that will protect hair from frizz and have her styling for years to come.

The CLOUD NINE New Airshot Pro was designed to dry hair in less time and create a smooth blowout. With self-cleaning capabilities, the unique CleanFlow technology blows air in the reverse direction to propel dust build-up out of the back – requiring zero maintenance. Our Magical Quick Dry Potion also adds shine and reduces frizz and flyaways, while cutting drying time in half. 

Hair Inspiration this Mother's Day

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