Based on the same revolutionary technology as the irons, the CLOUD NINE Wands offer unprecedented styling flexibility and creativity as the most diverse curling wand range available.

CLOUD NINE Wands offer endless styling possibilities when it comes to curls, waves and everything in-between. Based on our Kinder Styling ethos, curls are now crafted with flexible hair-friendly temperatures.

Each wand features:

  • Variable Temperature Control
    With heat settings ranging from 125-175°C for styling at lower temperatures without the unnecessary heat damage.

  • Mineral-Infused Ceramic Barrel
    Infused with our signature healing minerals Sericite to seal the hair’s cuticle and lock in moisture for shinier hair every time you style.

  • Swivel Cord
    The unique swivel cord pivots to reach any kind of curl, even in hard to reach places, eliminating friction or cord tangle for longer lasting product life.

Whether your hair is short, mid-length, long, fine or thick there is a Wand to suit your every need. Featuring CLOUD NINE’s signature temperature control and flexible heating options, each Wand is a breeze to use. Each with ultra-smooth ceramic mineral infused barrels, the Wands leave curls and waves with a smooth, natural shine and mega bounce. With controlled heating systems that ensure even heat distribution across the hair, the CLOUD NINE wand range provides an innovative approach to traditional curling tools. View the CLOUD NINE curling wand range here.

Take a look at each of the wands and choose the styling tool for you and your hair...


Bring out your natural curls. With the Wand made for curly, textured hair. The tapered barrel creates tight, ringlet style curls to either enhance naturally curly hair or create beautiful natural looking curls in minutes! Variable temperature control means you can choose the temperature that suits your hair. Take a look at our insta below to show the exact curl transformation you can achieve with this wand...


The Waving Wand is the Wide Iron of the Wand collection; a larger styling tool that can style large sections of hair swiftly and uniformly. A favourite among salons and stylists thanks to its versatility, the Waving Wand is ideal for those with longer and thicker hair but can still be used for all hair types to create large textured curls, or tousled waves. Complete with three temperature settings and swivel cord you can create styles with ease.

the curling wand

Experience an instant curl crush. The Curling Wand is a versatile tool to create all kinds of curls. Use larger sections to create bigger natural curls, smaller sections for tighter, curls or more of a ringlet or alternate each section clockwise and anti clockwise to create a beachy wave.  

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