The new normal and lockdown life is tough and if you are anything like us over at Cloud Nine HQ our locks are in need for some extra love. There is hope however as we are slowly starting to see light at the end of the tunnel, with some normality in the near future.

But until then we're loving experimenting with some at home hair styling. If you are back in the office before you are back in the salon chair, we’ve got some hairstyle inspiration for you in the interim.

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We've all experienced lockdown in it's different forms and developed different ways to keep ourselves happy, healthy and occupied so we wanted to put together some of our hints, tips and self care for times in lockdown.

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It sounds obvious, and I know we are all sick of being told to wash our hands (pls pass me the hand cream) , it’s the perfect time to do a spring clean. Much of the anxiety we hold currently is due to the lack of control we have over, well pretty much everything. One thing you can do to help combat this anxiety is to take control of the little things you can eg; your environment.


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You know that disgusting foundation brush you keep ignoring and the beauty blender you’ve not washed since 2014? Yeah, now is the time to clean these. Whilst you are at it, bin expired makeup. I promise you, you don’t need that MAC smokey eyeshadow duo you were gifted 6 years ago. Get rid.

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At the time of the curation of this blog post, there is no known shortage of coconut oil which means there is no excuse not to emerge from this quarantine period with angelically soft skin and glistening locks. Cover yourself in the stuff.

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Adrenaline is high so It might be a good idea to invest in some herbal teas, especially to aid your sleep routine. If you are working from home, you need to continue some normality if possible. Try to use your bedroom solely for sleep, it will keep your brain associating that room with sleep and make it easier for you to drift off.

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Monopoly anyone? It’s time to get creative when it comes to keeping busy. Dust off the board games, we thoroughly recommend a bottle of wine and cards against humanity. Colouring is also a really therapeutic past time.

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If you don’t already keep a diary or journal, we thoroughly recommend starting one. It’s a great way of releasing your thoughts and worries onto paper at the end of the day and can help you rationalise. It’s also an amazing thing to look back on in years to come.

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If you don’t see yourself doing burpees in the living room, have a look through the yoga based YouTube videos. There are plenty out there at all difficulty levels and it’s a great way to get the heart pumping and relax you at the same time. Check out Yoga with Adriene for a calming boost of self love and self care. You're all welcome.

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Read those books you have been meaning to start for forever, it’s good for your mental health to get away from the world for a while and will help you to feel more productive.


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Try to reduce feelings of isolation by keeping in contact with your friends and family. We are so lucky to be able to FaceTime and call instantly. Check in on your elderly family members.

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The humble messy bun. It’s a scientific fact that 80% of girls reading this are currently sporting one. It’s become the lockdown style of choice and for good reason. The textured bun is a great way to disguise your desperately grown out roots. Grab your dry shampoo and let’s get into it. Brush through your hair and get rid of any knots or tangles beforehand.

  • Spray dry shampoo into the roots to create texture and lift.
  • Pull your hair up into a high ponytail and begin twisting the hair around and into a bun.
  • Secure the bun with a hair bobble.
  • Dependent on how messy you want the style to be, begin gently unpicking strands of hair around your face to frame it.
  • Start to loosen the hair in the bun and unpick it gently.


Throwing your hair up and into a large butterfly style clip is a super-fast way to make it look put-together with minimal effort required. You don’t need any tools to create this look. All you need is a cute accessory. Loosen a couple of strands around your face and you’re good to go.


Do you have a habit of waking up for a 9am Zoom call at 8.57am? Try sleeping with your hair in loose plaits. Wake up and undo them quickly. Separate the waves with your fingers or our Luxury Texture Comb (needs to be wide-toothed or you will summon the frizz.)

Beachy waves with no heat or styling time. Ideal.

Scrunchie Style

Simple, stylish and super cute. Struggling to figure out how to put hair up and keep it chic? Choose a colourful scrunchie, add some texture spray to the hair, throw hair up, pop in some hoops and just like that you're looking fierce and ready for the day.

From all the staff at Cloud Nine, stay safe. It’s business as usual at our HQ and we are continuing to pack and dispatch all of your orders in the usual time frames. We also send our thoughts to all the small businesses out there keeping their heads above water. Let's keep positive and continue to support each other.

Lots of love,


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