Achieve the Carrie curls using our new Texture Wand

Running around NYC? Searching for your Mr Big or heading to brunch with your girl squad? You need a curl that will last all day long. The Texture Wand is here to provide you the next level of volume and bounce. Carrie Bradshaw is the hair icon we never even knew we needed.

We are here to encourage those with natural curls and texture to embrace the volume!


-This style will work (and last) best on day one, day two or even day three of your hair wash schedule.

-Section your hair up in small pieces. You’re going to want these curls to be concentrated and tight, sectioning small will make it easier to achieve this.

- Take your Texture wand and a small section of hair (3,4cm)

- With the tapered end of the wand pointing down, wrap the section around the barrel, starting at the thickest end.

- Hold on the heat for 8-10 seconds, gently remove the wand and then hold the ringlet in your heat protected glove for a couple of seconds to cool down and set.

- Release the curl and repeat on the rest of your hair, repeat on all sections.

-Once your entire head is full of tight, cork screw curls, grab our Luxury Texture Comb or any wide toothed comb and begin separating the curls, the more poodle-like the better. Carries hair always has an ‘undone’ effect , this look will work at it’s best the day after styling. Sleep on it!

Bring out your natural curls. With the Wand made for curly, textured hair. Created with Kinder Styling Technology for healthier, stronger, shinier hair every time you style.

  • Variable Temperature Control
    With heat settings ranging from 125-175°C for styling at lower temperatures without the unnecessary heat damage.

  • Mineral-Infused Ceramic Barrel
    Infused with our signature healing minerals Sericite to seal the hair’s cuticle and lock in moisture for shinier hair every time you style.

  • Swivel Cord
    The unique swivel cord pivots to reach any kind of curl, even in hard to reach places, eliminating friction or cord tangle for longer lasting product life.

The CLOUD NINE Texture Wand comes with a free heat resistant glove to put you in control of your style and an automatic free three year warranty.

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