We are over half way through 2020 and I think it’s safe to say it’s a year none of us will forget. With COVID-19, we have been forced to come up with creative ideas around how we can keep our lives are normal as possible.

One of the things a lot of us have had to miss out on this year; our holidays abroad. It’s now August (yep.) and if you’re daydreaming about what could have been, you’re not the only one. It’s not all bad however, we are still allowed to staycation and there are plenty of beautiful places to visit without having to leave the country.

We’ve created a list of some glorious destinations on home soil alongside some style inspiration to reassure you that your staycation can still be glamorous, even if Marbella is replaced with Morcambe this year.


The Wavey, Low Pony

A low Pony can make any outfit look stylish. Head down to the rocky beaches of Cornwall and make sure to pack your Waving Wand. Wave your hair and pull it back into a low pony. Make sure you leave a couple of small, waved pieces of hair around the front to frame your face. To complete the look, wrap hair around the bobble and secure with a small grip to create a more seamless effect.


If you plan on heading up North to The Lake District, prepare yourself for some unpredictable weather. Tightly curl your hair using The Curling Wand and use our Luxury Texture Comb to separate the waves. Stick your wellies on and let nature do they rest with your hair.

City Break Braid

Stylish in Scotland. Create an oversized plait and finish with a cute bow. This look works super well for girls with extensions as the fullness of the faux locks will give the plait extra volume. The plait texture will help to hide any bonds or clips too.

Glam waves

You can't go wrong with a head of glamorous, shiny waves. Use the waving wand to create large ringlets and pin them up to cool whilst you're in the car en route Bath.

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