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The Most Innovative Heated Roller System

The Cloud Nine O is a ground-breaking initiative in professional styling. The perfect tool to create amazing body, volume and movement in any hair type The O has revolutionised the heated roller system.

The O features a unique induction heating system that heats up The O rollers in just four seconds and because they heat from the core, they’re hot in the hair, not in the hand. Reaching a maximum temperature of 120 degrees, the rollers begin to cool in the hair, giving fantastic hold, definition and shine.

The O roller system is designed to give you the greatest level of styling flexibility; by heating each roller individually you have complete control over the temperature of each roller. With several sizes of roller, instant heat and the convenience of soft-grip technology to eliminate the need to us pins to hold the rollers in place, The O gives you the ability to create a host of different, long-lasting looks.

What makes The O The Best Heated Rollers?

Super Fast Heat

The O Rollers heat up in less than 4 seconds once placed in The O Pod, meaning you can inject volume and body in your hair of minutes.

Limitless Styling Options

With several sizes of roller to choose from you can create an array of looks. Choose the extra-large 60mm rollers for longer hair and bigger lift, or smaller rollers for a tighter finish, with the O you have the ability to mix-and-match the rollers to suit your requirements. Learn about the different size rollers here.

Heat On Demand

Heating one roller at a time means you can take as little or as long as you like when styling, and because the rollers heat in seconds, you’ll always have heat on hand as soon as you want it.


Because you only heat the rollers you need, and in only a few seconds, The O is energy efficient and uses 7 times less power than traditional heated rollers.

Find out more about The O heated roller system here.


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