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Learn Classic Curls with the Cloud Nine Original Wand

Cloud Nine Classic Curl

Create the perfect classic curl with the Cloud Nine Original Wand.

1. Start with clean and dry hair, mist hair with a light hold hairspray and section into 6 large vertical sections using Cloud Nine Croc Clips.

2. Start at the front and use the Cloud Nine Original Wand to create curls by wrapping the section around the barrel, hold for 3 seconds and release.

3. Spritz the curled section with hairspray while still warm and pin the curl up to cool. Continue around the head.

4. Once hair has set, release from clips and mist with a flexible hairspray for extra hold (we recommend evo miss malleable flexible hairspray).

5. Use a wide tooth comb to break up the curls for a bouncy curl.

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